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Hive13 Project
RFID Access System
Status: Active
Start Date: 1/12/2012



The purpose of this project is to build a modular RFID Access System that can be productized. It will be open source and open hardware.

  • Requirements
    • Accepts RFID tags for access and tracking control
    • Central database (Ruby on Rails, MySQL, accessed via ConnectPort X2 or similar to the ZigMee Mesh)

Project Manager


  • Add yourself here

What needs to be done



Vending Machine RFID

The Soda machine has been completely integrated within the space, with the exception of tracking of which sodas have been dispensed -- the hardware is there and the buttons are wired to the arduino, but, we're not sending that data back to the hive soda controller.

The Snack machine has been gutted, its coin validator removed, and RFID card mounted to the machine, however, no work has been done to bring that machine to vending status.

Ruby on Rails Interface

  • Add in OpenID Support
    • Facebook/Foursquare Checkins to the hive on entry
    • Twitter updates on entry
  • IRC Notifications
  • MPD Integration

Project Misc

  • Define and identify card design


GitHub link for Arduino Code: [1] GitHub link for Ruby on Rails Server code: [2]

Enrollment Station

One of the goals of this project is to build a case where cash payments to the hive can be recorded (and membership automatically extended), and cash payments can be automatically made to the card for the purposes of purchasing sodas, vending machine items, or laser minutes.

This project is in the planning phase right now -- however, if you want to help, I would appreciate the time and can provide my guidance for this project.