Roland PNC-3000 CNC Mill

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Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: Roland CAMM-3 PNC-3000 Desktop Milling Machine (google)
Arrival Date: 02/08/2012
Does it work?: yes
Certification Needed?: yes
Floorplan: 1C


  • We only have the 3/16" collet for this mill, and it is next to impossible to locate other collets that will fit this model. This means you can only use end-mills w/ a 3/16" shank.
    • Paul has purchased a set of 10x end mills with 5x different sizes (2x of each size, one 2 flute, one 4 flute).


  • Assorted programs installed on the control computer, variety of formats supported. The challenge is figuring out which control program can open which format of file.


Donated to the Hive by Tom Fitzgibbons, who originally picked it up at a P&G auction. Thanks Tom!