SWAG HULK Tubing Roller

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SWAG HULK Tubing Roller.jpg
Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: Hive13 Asset Tag ID
Make/Model: SWAG HULK Tubing Roller (google)
Arrival Date: August 2022
Does it work?: Yes
Certification Needed?: No
Contact: Will B
Floorplan: Welding Shop
Manual: Manual


this tool is for making rings or large radius sweeping bends out of metal tube or structural profiles. This is a beefed-up, heavier built, US-made version of the Harbor Freight tubing roller made by SWAG Offroad

Available Dies

The following die sets were purchased by Hive13 when the roller was purchased:

  • Flat Plate "Smooth" Dies - Steel - Will Roll Flat Material Up To 3.0" wide
  • Small Edge Roller Dies - Steel - Rolls flat bar the "Hard" way, works with material that is 1/16" 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" & 1/2" thck and up to 2.5" wide
  • Universal Small Round Tube Dies - Steel - Rolls tube and round bar with outside diameter of .250", .3125", .375", and .50"
  • 1.00" Square Dies - Steel - Rolls 1" outside square tube
  • 2.00" Square Dies - Steel - Rolls 2" outside square tube
  • 1/2" Round Pipe Dies - Steel - Rolls 1/2" nominal pipe (.84" Actual Outside Diameter)
  • 1" Round Pipe Dies - Steel - Rolls 1" nominal pipe (1.315" Actual Outside Diameter)

Additional dies may be purchased from the SWAG website. If the desired dies are ones multiple members are likely to use, they may be put up for a purchase vote. If the desired dies are likely to be used just by one member for a specific project, that member should purchase the dies themselves (die sets are welcome candidates for donation).


  • When you are installing the drive die, you will first need to install the keyway into the die before sliding in the drive axle.
  • When using the tubing roller, only use new, clean materials. Failure to do so will quickly destroy the dies and material.
  • Axle grease or Tube Lube must be used to cut down on friction and reduce the wear on the dies! Failure to do so will quickly destroy the dies and the material you are rolling.
  • When rolling square material, pay special attention to the downward pressure from the bottle jack and use a much slower feed rate. Going too quickly or using too much force will cause the sides of the square tubing to expand until they are forced into the sides of the dies. This will cause excess pressure against the dies and has the potential to destroy the center drive die or fuse your material to the die rendering both items useless.
  • Use the die that matches the material you are rolling. Failure to do so has the potential to damage both the dies and your material.
  • Applying too much downward pressure on the center drive die will bend the drive axle/or destroy the roller bearings.
  • Rolling tube, unlike bending tube, is more of an art form. It will take a while to learn your machine. Go slow, especially at first. Doing too much, too fast will lead to premature wear.
  • Without a doubt, when rolling tube, slow and steady wins the race every time.