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=Current Schedule=
=Current Schedule=
Second Saturday of the month.
Suspended as of December 2020 due to COVID-19 outbreak, normally the
second Saturday of the month.

=What to clean=
=What to clean=

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With our space being a shared space, the Hive can get quite messy at times. So on the second Saturday of every month, members will come down to the hive to get the hive kicked back into shape. Those who come and help out are usually compensated with some form of edible treats or foods for their time and effort.

Current Schedule

Suspended as of December 2020 due to COVID-19 outbreak, normally the second Saturday of the month.

What to clean

Every cleanup

  • Clean the restroom
  • Sweep and mop the main area
  • Empty all garbage bins.
  • Blow out the server rack with shop air
  • Classroom / Lounge
    • Clean & vacuum
    • Clean Tables in classroom
    • Clean Lounge
    • Clean Admin Computer Desk
  • Kitchen
    • Clean the kitchen sink
    • Clean kitchen counters
    • Evict overdue items in Fridge
    • check first aid cabinet
  • Metal Working
    • Vacuum metal shavings off of metal shop machines. Clean out the chip trays.
    • Empty Trash
    • Wipe down ways and surfaces with oily rag
    • Vacuum Floors
    • Empty Vacuum Cleaner
    • Check Equipment for obvious damage
    • Check oil level in Lathe
    • Check Gas levels in Welding and Glass Bottles
    • Check Stock of Weld Wire and Rod
  • Wood Shop:
    • Run air filter during all cleaning
    • Clean sawdust out of table saw cabinet
    • Throw away small scraps from scrap shelves
    • Move and sweep under outfeed table and workbench
    • Vacuum out each tool
    • Empty dust collection
    • Sweep under CNC
    • Check adjustment of band saw
    • Sweep general area surfaces and floor
    • Check air filter filters, order replacement if needed
    • Organize tool bench
    • Organize tool shelves
  • FabLab
    • Wipe down all Tables
    • Put tools away
    • Discard Lasercut Scrap
    • Wipe dust from surfaces
    • Clean the Laser - See process here
    • Leave time to align the laser.

Past Cleanups


  • Note: Didn't take a before picture for the first cleanup. Just assume it looked bad,