September 1, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Noise Curfew Reminder - No loudness from midnight to 8am.
  • Hive13 T-Shirt Orders
  • Cincinnati MakerFaire Recap
    • LTS
    • PTDR
  • Books by the Banks
  • Polar Power
  • Brad wants to know if his son should give a talk/demo of minecraft command blocks.

New Business


  • Noise Curfew Reminder - No loudness from midnight to 8am
  • Hive13 T-Shirt Orders
    • Tell Elly if you have paid her
    • Can pic up tshirts at any time, if you pay
  • Cincinnati MakerFaire Recap
    • LTS
    • 400+ boards
    • People LOVED our booth as being educational and interactive
    • PTDR
    • Discovery channel canada documented the schuller's
    • Well attended
    • Lorin needs help editing the video that he filmed
    • Put photos up on dropbox to later put on flickr
  • Books by the Banks
    • October 17th
  • Polar Power
    • FOUND!
  • Brad wants to know if his son should give a talk/demo of minecraft command blocks.
    • Second Tuesday topic October


  • Franklin - worked on PTDR, made significant advances to it (he thinks)
  • Jon - PTDR and wiring
  • Ian W - PTDR and updated site, sorta fixed vending machine?
  • Jim - Makerfaire, second tuesday of September E-Nable Gregg Dennison
  • Dave L. - helped daughter
  • Andrew - visited makerfaire, helping wiring
  • Brad - worked both days at makerfaire LTS, burned himself, DRO readout scale for the mill
  • Greg - fixed truck and bike, electric work at hive
  • Joseph - code from apiary on github
  • Mika - hoping to be a member
  • Matt - Turns pens, maybe bringing his own lathe for us to use, building a table
  • Kevin - didn't sleep the whole makerfaire!!! PTDR stuff
  • Ken - Good weekend at PTDR
  • Brent - didn't do too too much
  • Nancy - helped LTS, DO YOUR DISHES!!!
  • Brad - Couldn't hear :(
  • Lorin - Filmed makerfaire, put your things away in electronics area, provost will visit the hive soon (good for future connections)
  • Elly - makerfaire was awesome, soap box derby, 6-pack holder finally
  • Dustin - worked makerfaire and trying to get google hangout working
  • Coy - finished safe!!
  • Bill - makerfaire

New Business

  • Vote on milling machine parts (spindle) $250
    • 12 weeks to get it
    • Voting members present: 16
    • Vote passes!
  • Louisville makerfaire will have PTDR, September 19th
  • LVL1 event: Stupid and pointless hacks
    • look for formal invite!