September 12, 2023

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Time and Place

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Hive13
For listen-in only
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Weekly Meeting Agenda


Please take some time this evening to help keep the Hive awesome for everyone! Some simple tasks -

  • check parking tags on vertical storage and project storage
  • empty/load/run dishwasher
  • empty each big trashcan
  • empty recycling
  • throw away food/purge fridges

Membership, Policy Clarification: In response to Less than Excellent Tool borrowing we are reasserting the no tool loaning philosophy. Tools are disappearing! What tools may members borrow? Hive13 Code of conduct says you can’t take any tools from Hive13. No borrowing. We need to clarify and limit the borrowing process. It's too loose now. Go to Leadership Discussion to discuss Tool Policy. For Now, Tools may only be Borrowed with Advance Permission of the Area Warden or Member of Leadership. Tim Gregg is volunteering to help work on a tool inventory / library and coordinate with Jack M.
The process of what items may be borrowed will be evolving. Not all items have inventory tags – What may be borrowed? Set permission only now. Inventory list and library are valuable assets to Hive13 members only if they are available. Should we have a specific tool library for loaning tools?

  • Membership, please remember that when you bring a guest into the Hive, you are the one responsible for them for the duration of your time in the Hive. They are required to completely fill out a liability waiver, and we expect you to honor the Membership Agreement that you signed that states that you, the Member, will remain with your guest, your guest is not permitted to use any certification-only equipment, and that they will leave the Hive when you leave.
    • Because making is better together, Hive13 welcomes your well-behaved children and guests.
      • Members must assure all guests to Hive13, including minor children have a signed Liability Waiver.
      • Members will take care to assure the safety and good behavior of guests.
      • Members must accompany guests at all times. When you leave your guests leave.
      • Only Members may operate tools requiring certification. Some tools are off limits to anyone under 18.

We have recently modified this to allow for more educational opportunities. Please understand that these changes are to be allowed strictly on a case-by-case basis, and need to be signed off on by either a member of leadership and/or the Warden for the particular equipment to be used.

        • Guests may use certification required equipment given:
  • 1) they have been given appropriate safety training by their host or another qualified member,
  • 2) they are actively supervised by their host,
  • 3) The host assumes responsibility for any damage or injury that occurs as a consequence of the guest's usage of the space and tools.

  • The purge is coming! Please do not put anything in the Dungeon, and if you currently have items stored in the Dungeon - PLEASE REMOVE
  • This is a shared space, managed by volunteers. Please clean up after yourselves and if you are unsure how to do something, please ask! There have been far, far too many tools damaged lately, and this can be avoided by speaking up.
  • If something breaks, please email and notify the associated warden on Slack!
  • Leadership has recently updated our Commercial Use Policy Please look it over and feel free to reach out to Leadership with any questions.

Welcome Guests!

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  • Cincinnati Comic Expo
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