September 13, 2016

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • New Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waivers must be legible.

Old business

  • Upcoming events:
    • Blender training - Saturday, Sept. 17th
    • Fusion 360 - Saturday the 24th
    • Mike's talk on 3D design for 3d printing - Oct. 12
  • Cincinnati Makerfaire
    • Sponsorship - vote
    • Exhibits
  • Tandy Account (Will)
  • Votes - next week
    • Jim Dalam is proposing a vote for an "in kind" donation to the makerfaire at $2500 level

New Business

  • How did events go?
    • Louisville Makerfaire on Sept 10th


Old Business

  • Three upcoming events in Sept and Oct
    • Saturday the 17th - Blender introduction. Check the Hive calendar for times.
    • Saturday the 24th - Fusion 360 introduction. Check the Hive calendar for times.
    • October 12th Tuesday Talk - Overview of 3D modeling software.
    • Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire is coming up. Elly will hold a meeting to discuss our exhibits.

New Business

  • Louisville Maker Faire Recap
  • Tiffany bought pallet racks. We need help loading them on Thursday or Friday.



  • Jim C - Not working on anything at the moment
  • John - has only been working for the past week
  • Andrew - Has been working on home remodeling
  • Craig - New visitor. Interested in microcontrollers.
  • Jacob - New visitor. checking us out.
  • Tim - hasn't been able to focus.
  • Owen - preppoing for a street fighter tournament
  • Anna - new visitor. interested in woodworking
  • Kaleigh - drowning in schoolwork. refurbishing a flute
  • Alex - has finished his kitchen remodel
  • Ryan - Increased the power of the meeting table. Missed power tool unloading. Ducked the career scythe yet again. Reloaded the ramen.
  • Will - Finishing his table. Working on a Reuben's tube.
  • Franklin - PTDR. Making the knobby character from Zelda? (I don't game good.)
  • Nancy - Working with her cell phone. Melting RFID cards
  • Kerensa - Making homemade pasta/sauce.
  • Lester - Kentucky artist. Checking out the space.
  • Sabrina - New visitor. Checking out the wood shop.
  • Greg - Working on his christmas light display
  • Brad - PTDR
  • Kevin - PTDR. Witnessed many terrifying wrecks on the way back from PTDR.
  • Ken - Also PTDR
  • Steve - Has been modding acomputer case
  • John - Building a shed.
  • John - Working on some chairs to match a wooden table he completed last year.
  • Dustin - PTDR. Building a spooky stick for halloween.
  • Mike - Lab work. Giving a presentation on 3D design
  • Elly - Went to the streetcar opening. Making another letter for a friend's wedding.
  • Ryan - Increased the power of the meeting table. Missed power tool unloading. Ducked the career scythe yet again. Reloaded the ramen.