September 16, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Status on Gigabot upgrades
  • Donated color laser printer

New Business

  • Makerfaire recap
  • Books By The Banks (Dave M), need volunteers
  • Going through inactive memberships and disabling RFID badges
  • Need a stronger showing at the next event, more organized
  • Second Tuesday Speaker, need suggestions

New Members


shadoxx - Makerfaire, leds, motorcycle Katie - working in grasshopper Charles - Guest Sam - Writing, recording, makerfaire Elly - Makerfaire, art sale Julian - new computer Sean - Guest, grant for Women in Infotech Matt Z - family stuff, hydroponics Bill - Makerfaire, nothing else Pat - Guest John Brad - Discovered TCP Keepalive (Hooray RFC!) Mel - Assembled 3d printer, printing more pieces and upgrades Daniel M - Makerfaire, photos Joseph - Fixed Makerfaire display device Nancy - Makerfaire, cleaned, baby snakes Ryan - Makerfaire, pizza Hodapp - fermented, obscure math, photo stuff Dave M - house for sale Jordon - 'fair game' veggie soup Jim D - Powertool Drag Racing @ Makerfaire Ben - Life stuff Coy - Not currently mad at shadoxx, Makerfaire Franklin - revamped drag racer for PTDR, taught kids to solder Jon - Makerfaire, BIRTHDAY!


  • Where is heated build platform (on bottom shelf in Fablab)
  • Donated printer, we will need to arrange pickup
  • Woo Makerfaire! Made money on badges, ran out, could have used more help.
  • Acknowledge new members, see how they heard about us:
    • Student told about space
    • Through the grapevine