September 22, 2020

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Time and Place

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Telecom

To join the video meeting, click this link:
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 513-760-6776 and enter this PIN: 863 676 973#
To view more phone numbers, click this link:

2701 Buildout Floor Plan: File:2701InitialMoveInLayout.pdf

Weekly Meeting Agenda


  • The following items are mandatory for all members, guests and others entering our space:


  • The elected COO of Hive13, Brian Wingate, has graciously resigned his position in order to find a better life balance for himself and his new family.
    • Hive13's bylaws state that a nomination period for a new Chief Operations Officer shall begin now and remain open for one week (until 11:59 PM, Sept 24th). On September 25th an email will be sent out to all members with a link you may use to vote. Voting will remain open until the Special Meeting of Members (coinciding with our regular Tuesday meeting) at 7:30 PM, October 13.
    • No previous experience is required for this role, just a love for Hive13 and the desire to continue making it a great and safe place to play. You will be provided with plenty of support and guidance. This is a volunteer position, and the expectations/workload are exactly what that implies, it can be just as much time and effort as you are willing to put in.
    • To view Hive13's bylaws please the following link:
    • For more information about the responsibilities of Chief Operations Officer, please see the following link:

Cleaning Supply Form

  • If we run out of things like soap, toilet paper, etc fill out a Hive13 Cleaning Supplies Request Form and submit it to Nikki on the office door just south of elevator 1 on the second floor.
    • Be sure to put Hive13 on the form
    • We're getting this for free, so please stay polite.
  • Please note post on either slack in #2701_transition that you have submitted one, so we don't double up on things that have already been requested

Amazon Smile

  • If you're going to use Amazon, you should use Amazon smile and put some money in someone other than Jeff Bezos' pocket! Amazon Smile is an option where a portion of your purchase goes to a non-profit of your choice
  • We're on there!
  • It's very simple. Just go to and under the search bar is a "supporting" link. You can search for "Hive13" or "Sad Bee Inc" Hive13 will bring up Sad Bee Inc. Select them, and that's it! Easy peasy! Just make sure you make your purchases through Amazon Smile and you'll be supporting Hive13

Making Hive13 into the Hive13 we've dreamed of

  • Interest in making the Vacu-Former walk-up ready
    • Likely have material needed - anyone interested in helping this weekend to install a 220V run to that location?
  • We now have a “niceish” DMM and clamp meter. <-- The acronym police (Dave Schwinn) requests that DDM be explained

Frisbee Round

  • What creative or maker related things have you worked on recently or want to work on?
  • Guests: How did you hear about Hive13? What kind of activities are you interested in?



  • Kayla Lukawiecki, John Clark, Lisa Crump, Scott Hively, Dave Velzy, Dave Schwinn, Ian Blais, Chris Hodapp, Jeremy Yap, Chris Davis, Drew Kirkman, Will Bauer

Hive Improvements

  • We have clocks!
  • Velzy was recently inventorying dust collection components, is going to put together a plan to get dust collection in place
    • Will call for help as needed - keep an eye out!


  • John Clark put forth the idea of finding ways to supplement our income
  • Grants are likely available - we just need someone to commit to looking into it
  • Other common option is pledge-drive
  • Feel free to brainstorm ideas
  • Focusing on getting Hive up and running is also helpful, to draw people back in.
  • We're not hurting right now, but why not shoot for the stars?
  • Could reach out to larger companies ; ie: Rookwood pottery help set up ceramic area, which their publicity angle being "we help local non-profit"
  • Many ways to approach it, we just need to see what gives them a warm and fuzzy feeling about helping us out
  • Building relationships with local businesses is also always valuable