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New Project Page

Work on this project has moved to Opendoor Project.


When we first leased the space we had an epic google group thread with 50+ replies about how we were going to secure the space so that people could easily gain entrance 24/7. However after actually seeing the space we discovered that the primary way of access the space required us to have keys for 3 different doors, only one of which was actually "our" door. There was a second entrance to the space that only required keys for two doors, however we did not have the keys.

For about 3 weeks after we had the space we were relying on the availability of 4 key holders. Craig put for a lot of time, money, and patience in acquiring and installing a keypad entrance on our space door. He then coordinated with our landlord to install a keypad on the outer door to the building.

So our space now has two keypad locks for 24/7 member access. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

Original Page

Due to our ridiculous email thread, I thought a wiki-page was in order.

Ideas so far

Idea Pro's Con's Price
RFID Cards Cool, Individual Access Expensive, RFID tag cloning issues Expensive
Fingerprint Scanner Access Logs, Individual access. Nice ones are expensive. $300 - $1000
Boring Keys Already Installed, doesn't rely on power Key Control / Distribution. ~$10 / key
Keypad Individual Access Less Secure than Keys / Fingerprint access $100 - $500
Magstripe Card Reader Individual Access - ~$100
Voice Recognition - - ~$?
USB key Kinda fun way to lock a building Would require a computer to be on 24/7 $30 - $50

Issues to Consider

  • Power Outages (still need to access space, even if there is no power)
  • If it is powered by a computer, computer lockups, HD & RAM failures, etc...
  • Still need physical key access.