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==Old Business==
==Old Business==
** California Makerfaire - Successful!!!
** Crew of 8, Brad, Alec, Franklin, Ryan, Dustin, Kevin, Katie and Jim!
** Had some help from volunteers provided
** Met the originator of PTDR
** Videographer, Allie from UC
** Busy all 3 days
** Got two blue ribbons and some media coverage
* Flammables Cabinet
** Still looking on Craig's list
** PReferably under $300
* Sheet metal tools
** What do we need? Brake? Shears and nibblers? Spot welder? Drop forge?  Annealing furnace?  Think big!
** Bill is not here
* Shutdown Procedure
** Check the door
** It will be bigger
* Board Meeting
** Chris Anderson will be giving a talk on hackers and depression June 14
* Hive Potluck - Grill Out
** May 31st
** Check mailing list for details
* Print server
** Check wiki to use it
* Wiki
** Edit it please!  We can reset it if you mess up! :)  It is easy to learn and will help our group knowledge
* Shell Server
** Get things off of it if you have things on it
** Will be deactivated in the future (With plenty of warning)
* Lathe arrived
** It is here!!!!
** Will take 3 weeks or so to unpack, put it in place and
* CNC Update
** Trial period
** Building a large safe to store things for the area
* Library Events
** Sign up on the schedule to help out.
** Papers signed.
** Doing 10 DIY with polymers classes.
** Dave B. event - June 11th, Clairmont county branch for learn to solder
** Pizza and snacks are provided
** Check list for times and to sign up!
* Mystery Tool
** Saw tooth set

==New Business==
==New Business==
* Opinions on oscillating sander
** Mailing list
* Exhaust fan in place, but not wired up
** Much more powerful
** IF you really need it, talk to Jon and he can make it work until it is officially wired in

*Greg - Finally found a place to live, drove the BMW to go shooting, reloading
* Greg - Finally found a place to live, drove the BMW to go shooting, reloading
* Elly - Red's necklaces, helped with the lathe
* Carensa - Back after a few weeks, updating portfolio and resume, job hunting, brought brownies!!
* Steve - Son is doing internship where he works
* Parker
* Nancy - do your dishes, keep kitchen food safe, no chemicals into the kitchen area, saw "A Story Worth Living" does not recommend....
* Ken - Babysat Mena (dog), made reservations for Detroit makerfaire
* John - Spot welding battery caps together for UC Solar car
* Mary - Here to see what's going on
* Matt - had a cookout, with awesome corn
* Jeff and Lisa - At the inventor meeting at the library so came down to visit us!
* Jim - SF Makerfaire, Noisebridge visit, pretty similar
* Dave B - reinforced playset with braces so kids can swing HIGHER!
* Coy - Area on CNC, trying new techniques on cnc to prevent too much sanding, helped move lathe in
* Joel - Camping in Ashville
* John - rebuilt cabinets in kitchen, learning sketchup
* Hodapp - nothing of note, except make sourcrout
* Paul - needs advice to kill english ivy
* Jon - worked with Dave, LATHE!!