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= Attendees =
= Attendees =

*Jim--Met cinder sniffers, Laser talks today
*Dave--going to laser cut
*Sean--helped at library, fixed dishwasher
*Tom (brother)
*Tiffany--(m)--helped at library.  busy teaching
*Nancy--dishwasher fixed!
*Brad--sewing velcro pathces
*Ryan--worked on RFID floor switch--talked to Dave about CTO stuff
*Savana--school projects
*Dustin--threw out shoulder
*Jon--handful of Hive mainenance
*Bill--3D printers in Detroit
*Brandon--installed simulator on PC, resurrected LED project
*Dave--m--multiple p

= Minutes =
= Minutes =
*Space Stuff
**Garden Street--working on waterfall getting parts
**Cleaned out laser
**Need limit switches.
**need header soldered on to run by USB
*Shadoxx--propoganda--want volunteers for video!!
**Rough start for video:  begininning of July
*4-5 people to volunteer at contemporary art center
**small show--50 or 60 people
**theme--light up the night
**donate ur LED projects.
**July 3, also another 1 July 24
***July 24 will be 3D printering/rapid prototyping
*Jim--last week was session 1 of 2D CAD.
*Nancy--kitchen towels are JUST FOR KITCHEN
**perhaps we should get another
*Jim--update on Shapeoko project
**from inventables
**we are getting 1 of 50 free of charge.  we are only in ohio!
**also a beta software called "Easel"