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== Vision ==
== Vision ==
TBD - This section is to introduce how we fit into the community, examine our needs and how they fit in towards contributions to the community.

Questions to answer: [TBD: convert to wiki format]
What is the vision of our expansion, what do we hope to do?
--What are the interests of others, and how can we meet them?
----What do we provide to the hosting community?
--What rules and categorizations apply to non-profits?
What is our need?
--What type of location?
--What is the driving reason to move?

== Finances ==
== Finances ==
TBD - This section describes the logistics and financial feasibility of such an endeavor to migrate the hive, as well as present different options to pursue.
Questions to answer:
This migration feasible?
--What are possible funding sources?
--What is the cost estimate?
----What size is needed?
----How much can be saved through in-house engineering?
--What will this financial estimate cover?
----Will we be able to cover future costs, and how?

== History ==
== History ==
TBD - This section is a showcase of all our past achievements, contributions, and things to come. May just be a guided tour of the projects to emphasize accomplishments
Questions to answer: