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This is the wiki page for a project TP is working on.


LVL1 in Louisville challenged Hive13 to join them in a Mini SumoBot competition (link needed), and from what I hear, the folks on the House Bot team put in quite a showing! This has inspired me to try to build a bot to 'play' with the House Bot. By play, I of course mean "provide as much competition as I can."


I really do intended to put some Mini Sumo background info here (really). I think the House Bot page has links to some background stuff.

For now, I'll just note that

  • bot must be no larger than 10cm square
  • bot must weigh no more than 500 grams
  • bot must look cool
  • bot must win (often)

(I added the last two for my own purposes - sue me)



  • 2 Sharp 10-80cm IR range finders
  • 4 Sharp 4cm IR proximity sensors
  • 3 IR reflectance sensors
  • 1 momentary push button (Start)

(8 digital, 2 analog)


Details to come. Basically, two DC motors in a gear box driven with H-bridges. Each motor will require 3 outputs (A,B,pulse).


For my controller, as usual, I will be using a PIC16F688. "But wait, TP! That thing only has 12 I/O pins!" (10 sensor inputs + 6 motor outputs + ? feedback LEDs >> 12) Huh. Well, that's what they make shift registers for. I just love these little PICs too much. Irony Not Missed: adding the shift registers will take up more space that using a larger PIC with sufficient I/O pins.

I will be using a straight forward, pre-determined decision routine - no fancy AI crap here! (At least for now... this chassis may replace the current platform for SGRC4)

Current Status - Active

  • Prototyping of control system underway

Work Log

Nov 8, 2010

I have actually been rolling this around in my head since the announcement of the LVL1 competition in Louisville. Finally got started with breadboarding the control system over the weekend. I have a box full of parts picked out on that I plan to order some time late next week. Hopeful I can get this bot into the ring before the year is out.

Current Issues

  • Did I forgot how to use the ADC in these PICs? It sure feels like it...

Next Steps

  • Complete control system prototype
  • Order parts
  • Begin assembly
  • Solder perf-board version of control system
  • Ring test down at the Hive
  • Tweak decision rountines
  • Consider, then completely abandon, possibility of soldering a REAL circuit board
  • Build chassis cover
  • Kick butt in sumo ring