Sumo Competition

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Hive13 Sumobot Competition

Next Date: April 16th, 2011, 6pm - 7pm

Location: Hive13, 2929 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati OH

Signup your bot:


We try to follow the mini sumobot class of Unified Sumobot Rules. We have a few exceptions detailed below:

  1. No R/C Cars allowed
  2. The Ring will be constructed according to official dimensions (77 cm diameter, 2.5 inch border, etc)
    • The surface will be black vinyl rubber. Current target material is: McMaster-Carr
    • The base is 1" MDF. This gives us a very solid, stable, and level surface.
    • Currently researching best method for white paint.
      • Looking into Vinyl Dye, seeing mixed reviews of attempting white vinyl dye on black vinyl. But perhaps if the surface is not dull black enough, we can hit it w/ some black vinyl dye.