Sumo Competition

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Hive13 Sumobot Competition

Next Date: April 16th, 2011, 6pm - 7pm

Location: Hive13, 2929 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati OH

Signup your bot:


We try to follow the mini sumobot class of Unified Sumobot Rules. We have a few exceptions detailed below:

  1. No R/C Cars allowed
  2. The Ring will be constructed according to official dimensions (77 cm diameter, 2.5 inch border, etc)
    • The surface will be black vinyl rubber. Current target material is: McMaster-Carr
    • The base is 1" MDF. This gives us a very solid, stable, and level surface.
    • Currently researching best method for white paint.
      • Looking into Vinyl Dye, seeing mixed reviews of attempting white vinyl dye on black vinyl. But perhaps if the surface is not dull black enough, we can hit it w/ some black vinyl dye.



This project is being managed by Bettermeans. See

Please signup for bettermeans if you want to help out with this event.

If you are interested in using the Housebot (Mr. Plow) see Craig. That bot is open to be used by the Hive13 community.

Tournament software is being built using Rails. See