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Currently we just have the well categorized Wishlist, but it does not show what we need now. I felt that what we really need is a prioritized list of things that we need, and things that we need to do.

Things That We Need

This is prioritized with stuff we need the most at the top.

  • $0 - $25 items
    1. Dish Strainer
    2. Office Supplies
      • Dry Erase Markers
    3. Fire Extinguisher
    4. Basic Hardware and tools
      • Crimp on wire connectors
      • Blank circuit boards
      • PCB Etching solution
        • Cupric Choloride - More environmentally friendly than Ferric Chloride because it is re-useable. If we get a quart jar of it, it should last for quite some time.
        • Hydrogen Peroxide, Muriatic Acid, Glass Jars, (Funnel? Filters?)
      • Breadboards
      • Solid core breadboard wires
  • $25 - $50
      • 2 Saw horses. Preferably fold-able. Needed for wood working projects.
      • Dolly (preferably fridge)
  • $50 - $100
    1. Stove (Gas? Not sure)
    2. A nicer mop bucket, the current one technically works, but mopping the entire floor with it would be a nightmare.
  • $??
    1. Utility Sink
    2. Toolbox w/ Drawers

Things That We Need To Do

This is prioritized with stuff we need to do the most at the top.

  1. Set up phone system
  2. Fill out Form 1023 Draft to become a 501(c)3.
    • This will cost $750 to file.
  3. Pay back loans
    1. Jason for the Security Deposit $1150
      • Deferred until after we have a monetary safety cushion.
    2. Dave for the Makerbot $750
    3. Dave for the business filings $175
  4. Clean up the space
    • Sweep the floor of the entire space
    • Mop the floor of the entire space
  5. Set up computer recycling schedule, and computer recycling corner
  6. Organize the stuff in the space.
    • This sorta requires that we have some shelves, lockers, and/or drawers in the space.
  7. Catalog the stuff in the space.