Technology Committee Meeting - July 30th, 2022

Technology Committee Meetings
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Meeting Info


Saturday, July 30 · 1:30 – 2:30pm
Google Meet Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 484-452-4674‬ PIN: ‪407 403 574‬#
More phone numbers:

In Person:

Hive13 Conference Room

Agenda - Previous

  • Ghost replacement?
  • Discourse
  • Tendenci
    • Database upgraded to support PostGIS (Drew: done!)
    • Test installation next steps

Agenda - New

  • DNS Servers - replace broken Microtik
  • Access Control / MQTT upgrades
    • door controllers and Jetson board are sending out MQTT messages to a broker
    • need a standard JSON format with timestamps
    • maybe set up a local MQTT broker -- HASS.IO on a Pi?
    • need a DB for storage - influxdb with HASS maybe?
    • need a client / dashboard
  • Surge protection & UPSs for racks?
  • Anything else?


Attendees: Chris Davis, Dan, Dave Velzy, Drew Kirkman, John Clark, Ryan Anderson

Decisions / Next Steps

  1. Upgrade Ghost CMS to 5.5.0 as 3.x is end-of-life
  2. Add UPSs / Battery backups to the two Hive13 racks (MDF and IDF1)
  3. Install cheap router with OpenWRT to replace damaged Microtik DNS server
  4. Cameras: Orwell/Zone Minder is out-dated and should be upgraded.
    1. Look into new software such as Blue Iris (~$100)?
  5. We need a solution store MQTT messages that are emitted by the door controllers etc. Primary candidate: InfluxDB?
    1. Possibly use to also record Hive13 ambient temperatures
  6. Analysis of our yearly infrastructure costs (SendGrid, Azure, personal expenditures going towards IT)
  7. Continue setting up Tendenci
    1. Possible feature: Use to store admin notes for membership
  8. Drew K: Propose a way to record Hive13 Board policy decisions & actions such that the current state of affairs is clear to membership

Action Items

  1. Ryan A & Chris D: Upgrade Ghost to 5.5.0
  2. Chris D: Set a laptop up with InfluxDB for MQTT and possible Blue Iris.
  3. Ryan A: Gather info on yearly IT costs
  4. Ryan A: Acquire and install cheap router as DNS server
  5. Chris D: Locate possible UPS for racks

Open Questions

  1. Should Infrastructure/Tech have a budget?