Technology Committee Meeting - March 26th, 2022

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Technology Committee Meetings
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Meeting Info

Online via Google Meet. Saturday, March 26 · 1:30 – 2:30pm


Attendance: Drew K, Chris D, John C, Dave V, Ryan H, Jack Margeson

  • The Yelp page for Hive13 is unclaimed and had the old location; it's being updated to the new location now (looks like Drew is doing this?)

See also: Intweb_and_Google_Groups_Migration_Thoughts

Discourse migration

  • We are closer to doing this, but have a couple pending items:
    • Get categories set up; note that Wardens list probably needs a separate category (alongside Leadership) as it's private
    • Get backups/snapshots set up
      • Full VM snapshots: Azure lets one do this for $5/mo plus storage costs
      • Archive-tier storage on Azure can work via SMB3 endpoints and is $0.02/GB (Drew is looking into this)
      • Need a script on the VM to do dump of database + config, and maybe to handle expiration of older ones
  • There are some items we could use for Jack's volunteer hours:
    • Trying to follow documentation on doing restore/setup from backups
    • Fielding questions from members when we do the switch
    • Possibly: writing some docs (he has existing experience with this)
  • For Hodapp to do:
    • Look at Discourse backup scripts for Azure
    • Migrate URL to
    • Have some specific documentation tasks for Jack

intweb replacement

  • Drew is going to set up a Tendenci instance (and says he'll make a Wiki page for this)
  • Jack has Python experience and can probably help
  • Tendenci is apparently just a pip package, so that's awesome
    • Also, it uses Postgresql and we already have a VM for this

Other Notes