Technology Committee Meeting - October 30th, 2021

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Technology Committee Meetings
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Meeting Info

In person & online via Google Meet.

Saturday, October 30 · 1:30 – 2:30pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link:

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 484-452-4674‬ PIN: ‪407 403 574‬#

More phone numbers:

Some points of discussion

Intweb and Google Groups Migration Thoughts


Attendance: John C, Dave V, Chris H, Drew K, Ryan A, Chris D, Paul V

Discourse Migration

  • Discourse installation has had existing mailing list threads imported.
  • "Staged" users have been created from existing posts.
  • Overview of settings.
  • Biggest hurdle now is how to efficiently migrate users from Google Groups in a "grandma-friendly" way


Big questions:

  • Identify features and capabilities that must be in whatever we move to.
  • If it is paid, how much and in what method?
  • Where would the data be hosted?
  • How easy would an exit strategy be?
  • Consider the longevity of the product, both past and future
  • How trustworthy is the vendor, if it's not open source

Must haves

  • API (for door controller, etc)
  • Import member list
  • Payment management
  • Member self service

Less important, but good

  • Custom attributes
  • Single sign on capability

Action Items

  • Discourse: Determine whether incremental thread import is possible
  • Intweb: Fill out functional requirements for member and financial data
  • Intweb: Feature matrix from software we've already identified to prioritize further scrutiny