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Technology Committee Meetings
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Meeting Info


Saturday, September 24 · 1:30 – 2:30pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 484-452-4674‬ PIN: ‪407 403 574‬#
More phone numbers:

In Person:

Hive13 Conference Room

Agenda - Previous

  • Report Hive13-related infrastructure expenses
  • Methods to schedule/reserve time on CNC & Laser
    • G-Suite resource calendar?
    • Display on CNC & laser screen saver?
  • Liability waivers electronics collection
    • Only listed for future investigation/thought
  • Slack free-tier user limit
  • Orwell alternatives
    • Dave Schwinn Expressed interest in setting something up (more details)
  • Emergency contact info
  • PostgreSQL - dbeaver, pgadmin clients

Agenda - New

  • Infrastructure Folder in Google Drive
  • PostgreSQL ETL account for intweb-to-tendenci (in-progress)
  • VPN (P2S) access for Azure/Hive13 subnets


Attendees: Chris Davis, Dave Velzy, John Clark, Ryan Anderson

Tech/Infrastructure Expenses

  • Current known expenses total $556 per year
  • Infrastructure expenses should go on the board agenda for October

G-Suite Resource calendar machine scheduling

  • Will look at how to do and possibly create a calendar

Liability waivers electronics collection

  • We don't handle this electronically at all now. Attempts were made to set up google drive link on Admin PC (P: Drive?)
  • We could create a google form to collect results. Not ideal but is a start.
  • We just need to start some sort of process. For now, we can scan and manually upload to google drive.
  • If manual, someone should scan once a month and upload.
  • This should also go on board agenda

Slack free-tier user limit - Table for now

Orwell alternatives - Table for now

Emergency contact info

  • There is a spreadsheet on google drive but it's only as good if members keep it updated
  • We have also have info sheets posted around the Hive with leadership contact info. This should probably be updated.
  • Leadership contact info should be updated each year as part of the on-boarding process

Infrastructure Folder in Google Drive

  • Under Shared Drives and is named: Hive13 Tech Documentation

PostgreSQL ETL account for intweb-to-tendenci (in-progress)

  • ETL PostgreSQL account created for Dave V. to use.
  • Dave V. will work with John C. to get data extract in the short term

VPN (P2S) access for Azure/Hive13 subnets

  • We need to explore ways to access Hive13 network remotely
  • VPN access should take into account extra bandwidth and associated costs in Azure, especially when used to monitor video. If not careful, this could greatly increase Azure costs
  • Will take small, initial steps to set up on Azure

Service Request/Ticketing System & Inventory Tracking

  • It would be nice to have some software/applications to handle services tickets and inventory tracking
  • Library inventory software might be useful here (contact Jack M.)
  • Tendenci may also have some capabilities here
  • Table for now

Tendenci Next Steps

  • Need to define next steps and start moving on Tendenci
  • Created the [Tendenci slack channel] for specific Tendenci-specific collboration
  • Dave V. will add a Google sheet that can be use as a Kan Ban board for Tendenci tasks
  • Primary Tendenci Objective: Membership management/replace Intweb (Onboarding, payment handling, paperless forms)

Discourse-to-Slack Plugin

  • Currently not working
  • We should try to install a community plugin for this

How to handle IT Support for Hive13 computers

  • Each PC needs data config & program backups
  • Ask membership at large for recommendations on desktop backups for Windows PC's

Action Items