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= Overview =
#REDIRECT [[Template:Infobox_Project]]
=== Summary ===
{{{Summary|This project is to design a cool widget A to do cool thing B so we can get article C in MAKE magazine with the finished project.}}}
=== Project Manager ===
{{{ProjectManager|Your name goes here.}}}
=== Contributors ===
{{{ContributorList|* Contributor 1 (list of contributions optional, brought in materials, painted the cabinet, etc)
* Contributor 2}}}
= Project Status =
{{{ProjectStatus|A quick summary of the project's current status. The widget has been programmed and the case is being painted. Etc.}}}
= Project Needs =
{{{ProjectNeeds|* Need 1 (Supplies, infrastructure, warm bodies)
* Need 2}}}
= Project Updates =
{{{ProjectUpdates|== August 18, 2009. ==
We showed up and did some cool stuff. Here's some pictures.
== August 19, 2009. ==
We showed up and did some more cool stuff. Here's some pictures.
= Links =
{{{Links|* Links go here}}}

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