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Hive13 Project
Templeman Playsurface
Status: Active
Start Date: 4/27/2013

Starter page for Frictor's Templeman Automation Playsurface project.


The Templeman Automation Playsurface is a multi-touch surface, in essence, a computer display that you can touch, like an iPad or tablet computer in which more than one finger touch can activate something at the same time. This is significantly different than the traditional mouse-click computer since there's almost never more than one mouse attached to a single computer.

This dynamic also creates interesting opportunities for "gestures", such as two-finger pinching, the popular gesture that zooms in and out of pictures or maps. Some gestures, like "flicking" can use only one finger but be a particular motion in different directions to get different results.

One of the more exciting opportunities that you have with multi-touch surfaces is collaborative interaction, in which several people are simultaneously interacting with the same display surface.

Stay tuned for further project details, or stop in at Hive13 on a Tuesday night to participate in this group effort...