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Hi, I'm Dave.


Projects I've worked on

Projects I'd like to work on



Good ideas from other hackerspaces


open source, digital fabrication, diy, local currencies, gardening, fermentation, paper-making, screen-printing, books, local history, free geek, board games, libraries, recycling, temporary autonomous zones, design patterns, wiki, arduino, papernet, qr codes, CCGs, MMOs, Google Android, IKEA hacking, hydroponics, guitar hero, vermicomposting, OpenStreetMap ...

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ideas for wiki pages

Founding Members, About Our Space, Microcontroller Mondays, Rules of the Space (non-legalese), cons members are going to, Roadmap, Membership Database,, History, Principles, How to Visit us, How to give us a presentation, Meeting Procedure, Project Proposal Procedure, Project Template, Work Group / Committee Architecture, Supplies List, Licensing Policy, What is Hive13, Classroom, Library, Tools, Our Designs, Why, How, What, CraftRobo, Sewing Machine, Projects, Welder, Officers, Greatest Hits, Template:SRS BSNS, Template:TODO, Template:Projects List

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Free Geek Cincinnati

I have some experience starting a Free Geek and am still in contact with those that run Free Geek Columbus. It seems the time may be right to start a chapter here.



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  • MakerBot
  • OpenSCAD
  • Arduino
  • Wiki
  • PaperMaking
  • ScreenPrinting
  • Welding
  • Sewing
  • SoapMaking