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Erik's Working Projects:

Hive13: July 25th Mixer

    • Beer in Primaries
        • Rack this weekend to secondaries
            • Collate List of who's bringing what
            • Rough Headcount
            • Grillage?

August Fundraiser

    • Talk to Propaganda re: word spreading
    • Stencilling campaign?
    • Billboard prices?
    • Status of available Games/Diversions
    • Silent Auction setup
    • Raffle
    • Vending machine status.

Med Kit

    • Aquire Tackle Box
    • Ask for members to provide basic medical data if willing.
    • Medical waiver of liability for the space if anyone has a basic medical condition.


    • Call Ross

Beer sales laws

    • Will contact lawyer for assurances.


  • Pack
  • Move into new house.
  • Aquaponic setup
    • Begin with initial barrelponics setup.
  • Greywater reuse system
  • Bioreactor (self cleaning, self monitoring, internet capable and autopoetic/adjusting culture)
    • 2L small reactors with inlet/outlets for H2O, gas, bubblers.
    • monitors on incoming and outgoing lines both gas and water.
      • I'd love for it to twitter it's state couching data in terms of statements.

Temporary storage for stuff concerning the parties: