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My face on top of the Hverfjall volcano in Iceland in 2019
  • Drew Kirkman

Joined December 2018

CTO 2019-2020, 2020-2021

Nerdy interests: computer science, electronics engineering, amateur radio (KN9FOO)

Semi-nerdy interests: electrified transport

Non-nerdy interests: ice hockey, storm chasing

About me

I'm originally from western Kentucky, but now I live in Covington with my wife and two dogs.

The day job

I am a broadcast engineer for Hubbard Radio in Cincinnati. We program WUBE "B-105" 105.1, WKRQ "Q102" 101.9, WREW "Mix" 94.9 and WYGY "The Wolf" 97.3.

Industry/trade groups: Kentucky Society for Technology in Education (KySTE), working on joining Society of Broadcast Engineers

Hive13 Projects I've worked on

  • 2019 resurrection of the Vinyl Express Vinyl Cutter
  • Intweb development - late 2019 on
  • Migration of internal Hive services to Azure as part of Microsoft for Nonprofits donation - 2020
  • Migration of external services from DigitalOcean to Azure - 2021

Personal project wish list