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I am currently a Ph.D. student in Stats at UIUC. I worked in management consulting and property & casualty insurance for seven years before going back to grad school. I write a lot of python and C code and I do a lot of data analysis in R.

My research is all related to data analysis of microbial communities, like the human gut microbiome for one, although there are plenty of others sites where the microbes are interesting. I work a lot on ways to visualize that kind of data. If you ever get your microbiome sequenced with a kit from somewhere, like Ubiome, I can draw some neat pictures with your data.


Current Projects:

  • Building a saw mill. Trying to do it on a relatively tight budget, and posting the occasional video on youtube here. One of those videos (about the bushings) is all about some parts that I machined on the lathe at the Hive.
  • I've also been trying to outfit a small home wood shop, so I've been building various shop tools like a dust collector. Currently working on a pantorouter.
  • Occasionally finding downed trees and large hardwood logs and milling them into lumber with a chainsaw.
  • Building a 2 foot x 30 foot retaining wall behind my back deck.
  • Figuring out what to do after graduate school...