Want to improve my fabrication skills especially with metals (machine and welding - particularly aluminum), 3d printing, and laser etching. Have TIG, arc, Oxy-gas welding, plasma cutter at home, also lathe/mill/drill combo, electronics bench (amateur radio WA8CFJ).

Interested in learning, teaching, invention, interplay between psychology and technology -- how people use it and how it uses them. Like collaborating on projects for the common good. Like to be around people who are curious and want to learn. Like seekers of truth (wary of those who have found it).

Taught science & technology courses in high school and college, managed electronic classroom and videoconferencing design and support for UC, co-authored classroom design guide, broadcast engineer at AM/FM/TV stations, designed & built medical TV network for UC Medical Center.

Left UC in 2006 to ramp up EduTech, my educational technology consulting business. It’s wound down to occasional acoustical consulting, mostly pro bono for nonprofits.

Spent most of my time the last six years on Clifton's neighborhood council on housing and zoning, governance, and executive committees. Learned a lot from people I worked with, both the wise and the otherwise.

Happy to share whatever I've learned, such as it is. Could help with basic electronics and soldering; audio, acoustics, and speech intelligibility; designing spaces for teaching, learning, presentation, videoconferencing.