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== Skills ==
== Skills ==
These are semantic properties of type [[Skill]] so that they appear automatically on the [[Skills Exchange]] page.  Need to create a [[Template:SMWTableFormatter]].

* [[Skill::Advanced Blender]]
* [[Skill::Advanced Blender]]

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ScroogeMcDuck 240px.jpg

I'm a cyclist, my *big* winter project is a dashboard for the bike - headlights, stereo, turn signals, brake lights, horn that goes 'A-hooo-gah!', etc.

Other projects:

  • Electronic Cello - midi controller using touch sensitive sliders
  • Pimp My Bike for the Winter Bright Ride
  • Disco Goggles
  • Convertible Shelves/Bench Seating


  • Advanced Blender
  • Advanced SketchUp
  • Basic Arduino
  • Basic Soldering
  • Basic C/C++
  • Intermediate Sewing
  • Basic Woodworking
  • Basic Bicycle Repair
  • Basic Bicycle Maintenance
  • Basic Bicycle Upgrades
  • Intermediate Bicycle Tourist
  • Intermediate Bikepacking
  • Intermediate Urban Backpacking

Skills Wanted

  • 3D Printing