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Starving Applications Architect at Jenzabar corporation. I have a bs in physics pre med and a ms in computer science and have done a little of everything in my career. I really need to make something smart so I found a place full of people smarter than me(hive13), with cool toys. Hopefully I can contribute to some of their projects and get some of my own stuff made. I'm interested in DIYBio, robotics, cnc machining, ham radio (general class kb2vma) and brewing. I'm a refugee from NJ and I left behind some excellent hackers at the RDHFL FAA human factors lab in Atlantic City (we got paid to hack) and four excellent autodidac hackers in Cape May County(Duke, John, Ethan, and Rich). My current project is the hacker's education based of of MIT OCW, yale, and Perimeter Institute's One Year Theoretical Physics lectures online.