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Hi, I'm Ralph.

Things I do

  • Software product management (figuring out which features are valuable for users, versus being easy to engineer)
  • User Interface Design
  • information security
  • technology for political campaigns (LANS, printing, secure file sharing)

Things I'm building

  • MIDIBox (plus the SID add-on)
  • SN-Voice analog synthesizer using the old-school SN76477 chip

I want to do more of

Things I've done

  • Run a robotics club at a local high school
    • the kids were enthusiastic, and we did a sumobot competition at the end of the year

Things I use

Things I collect

  • Vintage computing devices, Apple //, C64, Atari 130xe (but with I had an 800), documentation for the ECD Micromind
  • ICs I think I might need in the future

Things I miss

  • Apple Computer, Inc. (as a consumer products company featuring DRM, Apple, Inc just isn't the same)

Music I like

All of it, but especially:

  • Early Queen (A day at the races)
  • Classic analog synth albums (Wendy Carlos, Switched on Bach)
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Jazz Dudes
    • Maynard Ferguson
    • Chick Corea
    • Herbie Hancock
  • Piano and Guitar
    • Liz Story
    • other Windham Hill artists


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  • C/C++
  • Linux
  • Java
  • User Interface
  • Wiki

Electronics Design

  • OpenSCAD


  • Laplace Transform


  • Soldering

Biology & Chemistry

  • Sustainable Ecology