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|Sega Game Gear LCD Mod||In Progress||2021-09-26
|Sega Game Gear LCD Mod||In Progress||2021-09-26
|NES Advantage Rebuild||No Started||N/A
|NES Advantage Rebuild||Not Started||N/A

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I like to dabble in all sorts of things. Though I know very little about anything, my main hobby and interest is learning.

General Interests

  • Software / Programming / Computer Science
  • Electronics Hardware & Design
  • Retro Gaming: Console modding and repair
  • Music
  • Machine Shop & Metalworking

Project Summary

Project Status Last Updated
Nerdy Gurdy In Progress 2021-10-07
Sega Game Gear LCD Mod In Progress 2021-09-26
NES Advantage Rebuild Not Started N/A

Future Project Ideas

  • QR-Code Stickers for Hive13 Equipment that goes to webpage/wiki entry with equipment info

Project Details

NES Advantage Rebuild

NES Advantage Joystick PCPB (Broken)