Tiffany Bell-Horwath

Joined 7 July 2012
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I completed my BS and BA at the University of Dayton and PhD in Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati. My research focused on the synthesis of novel small molecule chemotherapeutics that targeted leukemia treatment. I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati.

Ongoing Projects:

  • using the CNC to make boat shuttles for my loom
  • usng the CNC to make wooden toys for my son
  • RFID Hive Kegerator
  • Kid's cottage
  • House Repairs (:()

Previous projects:

  • walk in cold room into our basement
  • 10 gallon propane brew system from old kegs and angle iron
  • modifying a chest freezer to utilize for serving beer
  • using the CNC to make a learning tower
  • Hive Kegerator
  • Laser etched wine glasses
  • Babywearing Carrier Covers