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About Me

My name is Justin Sovine, I'm 20 years old and I wear black-rimmed glasses (like most everybody here). I'm currently working as a PHP/MySQL developer.

Now that that's out of the way...

I'm an aspiring musician with a background in technology. I'm currently producing tracks with a lot of dubstep/neurofunk influence. I've recently begun DJing around Cincinnati with a couple local parties under my belt, though I'm mostly experienced with production.

I have several other hobbies, including but not limited to electronics/engineering, propulsion technologies, alternate energies, AI/neural networks, environment/mood control, model railroading, running, camping/fishing, architecture, etc...



The hive's own photo-bio-reactor! Filters CO2, produces oxygen, and can create biofuel from the dried mature algae that make it all work.

Reactor Design (We should definitely go with a modular design)

CO2 Production

Algae Strains and Cultivation Info

Algae Drying and Extraction of Biofuels

General Biofuel

Model Railroading

I've been interested in model trains lately, I used to do this with my father but never explored it much otherwise. I thought it would be cool to have a set of tracks discretely positioned to circle the hive; providing mindless entertainment, a possible gimmick (see awesome_toy) for membership incentive, could result in a sweet intro video w/ a webcam strapped to one of the train cars.


Cars and Track

Control Systems


Construction & Carpentry