Vacuum Forming Machine

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Owner/Loaner: User:Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: CentroForm LV1827 (google)
Arrival Date: 06/2017
Does it work?: Yes
Certification Needed?: Yes
Contact: User:Daniel
Floorplan: 1A


Purchase of the CentroForm LV1827 was authorized by member vote in April of 2017. The order was placed with the OEM on May 12,2017. The machines are built-to-order with a stated two week delivery. The machine ships via FedEx Ground as two boxes.


The machine requires two dedicated 110VAC 15amp circuits.

Certification Process

Step 1) Watch these videos prior to requesting use of the welder:

2) Request hands on training from a person already certified

3) Hands on training

   a) demonstrate competency to safely turn on and off welder (also attach tips/outlet plugs etc)
   b) demonstrate competency welding bar onto existing certification bars (both tack and finishing welds)

Safety Rules

  • Do not use the welder if you have not had proper training.
  • Never use the welder without a second person present to act as a fire watch.
  • After using the welder, stay at the Hive for at least an hour to be sure that nothing is smoldering.