Vertical Sheet Storage

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Temporary Wood Project Storage

The purpose of the temporary wood project storage is to allow members to storage active projects while they are being actively worked on. This is located in the large racks in the woodshop area. Space is currently allocated by the woodshop warden, who is responsible for making sure that the space is being used for active projects, and not long term storage. Members are required to renew their use of the space on a quarterly basis.

People Who Want Space

  • Mike Nute

People who may have wanted space in the past but might not anymore

  • Matt Malarik
  • Tim W.
  • Will B.

Vertical Space Tracking

Member Slot Until
Timothy Gregg 1 June
Empty 2
Tom Meyer/Daniel McNamara 3 June
Alex MacDonald 4 June
Lorin Parker 5 June
Open 6
Empty 7
Empty 8
Mike Howarth & Tiffany Bell-Howarth 9 June
Coy Paeltz 10 June
Empty 11
Elly Hall 12 September
Hive13 13-15 N/A