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Warden Meetings
Previous Meeting: January 11th, 2020 Meeting Procedure

Meeting Time: 10:00 AM

Next Meeting: Latest Meeting
Candidate: Warden Meetings/September 9th, 2020


  1. Review of previous meetings
    1. ongoing initiatives
  2. Build out goals, timeline, tasks
  3. State of the Ward (put problems in buzzkill) - We'll do this as a walk around next time
    1. CNC/Machining
    2. Electronics
    3. Fab Lab
    4. Kitchen
    5. Lounge
    6. Metalworking
    7. Woodworking
  4. Discussion of opening warden slack channel.
  5. Update Cleanup ToDo list - Saturday Cleanup
  6. Update the Wiki
  7. Ideas for Improvement
  8. Any hangups?

--- Meeting Notes ------