Warden Meetings/August 8th, 2018

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Warden Meetings
Previous Meeting: August 8th, 2018 Meeting Procedure

Meeting Time: 8:00 PM

Next Meeting: September 5th, 2018

Wardens Meeting Agenda

  1. Ground rules for the meeting
      1. This is the first of what hopefully will be monthly meetings.
      2. We don’t need to get everything figured out tonight.
      3. This doesn’t need to take more than 90 minutes (hopefully).
    • Take notes on details for your area.
      1. I can’t run the meeting and take notes.
      2. Ryan can’t either.
      3. Hopefully soon, we’ll have a decent sound system in the lounge and can record/transcribe later.
      4. Send them to me and I’ll aggregate them into “minutes”.
    • As we have more meetings, we’ll figure out how to better organize them.
      1. I’ll try to get an agenda up on the wiki early and get an outline.
      2. Suggestions to streamline the meeting welcome, just shoot me an e-mail.
    • Stick to the topic at hand.
      1. Probably what you want to cover is farther down on the agenda.
      2. If I’m a little abrupt at steering us back on track, apologies in advance.
  2. State of Each Ward
    1. This item will be likely to greatly change in the next few meetings.
    2. What isn’t working? What is being fixed? What could use improvement?
    3. CNC Machining
    4. Electronics
    5. Fab Lab
    6. Kitchen
    7. Lounge
    8. Metalworking
    9. Woodworking
  3. Update the Wiki
    • Maintenance
      • What needs to be done every month during clean-up
      • What needs to be done less frequently
      • What consumables do we stock
    • Certified users and trainers
      • This is the canonical source for now.
      • We need to make sure uncertified people aren’t using the equipment.
      • Sooner or later, intweb will have a list of certified members and trainers, and we want that list to be correct.
    • Equipment location and status
    • Wishlist Wrangling
      • It’s a dumping ground of “anything that could possibly be used by the Hive.”
      • Mark top candidates for purchase.
      • Strike out anything that will likely never be purchased
      • Cull anything we have already purchased.
  4. Ideas for Improvement
    • Start labelling where things go
  5. Host More Events
    • Movie Nights/Game Nights
      • These provide a social atmosphere to build community
      • Our new lounge will greatly aid this.
      • Consider hosting with and without potlucks and cleanup.
    • Training Classes and Warden Hours
      1. These are provided to learn, get answers to questions and get certified on machines.
      2. If there is a certification-required tool in your ward, make sure you’re at least familiar with it.
      3. These will allow the wardens to keep the shop clean and in good working order.
      4. We can attract new members through advertising these classes.
      5. We should provide a project to get people certified and demonstrate our capabilities.
      6. Class Ideas (provide a brief synopsis)
        • 3D Printing Intro - Our printers and software
        • House Wiring - Replace wall switch/outlet
        • Plumbing - PVC piping, fix faucets and toilets, solder copper pipe
        • Basic Electronics - Learn to Solder, basic circuit theory, circuit troubleshooting
        • Advanced Electronics - Make solar-powered house numbers
        • Shapeoko - Mill a PCB
        • Sewing - Make a cloth shopping bag, hemming, stitching
        • Stitch & Sip Open Crafting at Hive13 - no instructor, just bring your project
        • Laser - Make a name plate
        • Basic Welding
        • Kitchen Chemistry / How to Cook/Bake
        • Basic Wood Tool Usage
          • Table Saw
          • Router
          • Band Saw
          • Chop Saw
        • CNC Router - Farmer John seems to have this down to a science
        • Vacuum Former - make a tool tray
        • Milling machine & metal lathe - Brad seems to have a good curriculum
        • Wood Lathe - Candlestick, napkin rings
    • Open Hack - No set agenda, just show up and work on your project.
    • Open House
      • Likely we’ll be targeting the early fall.
      • This will provide another opportunity to promote the space and show potentially interested parties what we offer.

This is the perfect night to come by Hive13, get a feel for this amazing creative community, and tour our makerspace and prototyping center. Come learn how you can get access to our 3D printers, laser cutters, fiber arts and electronics equipment, wood shop, welding area and metal shop.