Warden Meetings/January 9th, 2019

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Warden Meetings
Previous Meeting: November 7th, 2018 Meeting Procedure

Meeting Time: 8:00 PM

Next Meeting: February 6th, 2019

Ground Rules

  1. Don't get bogged down in details.
  2. Stick to the topic at hand.
  3. Take notes for your area and email to wardens@hive13.org afterwards.


  1. State of Each Ward (put problems in buzzkill)
    1. CNC/Machining
      1. Organizing CNC Router electrical noise mitigation project.
    2. Electronics
      1. Planning on an intro to electronics class Feb 2nd
    3. Fab Lab
      1. Need to add cleaning to Laser monthly maintenance. Bars and optics.
    4. Kitchen
    5. Lounge
      1. $150 in warden budget for Micke corner desk https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50250713/#/50250713
    6. Metalworking
      1. Added carbide tool holders and inserts to lathe tool cabinet.
    7. Woodworking
      1. Need to restock glues, just recently ran out of both types
      2. Vertical Storage is 100% cleaned up, all slots current, 2 slots vacant, all have new labels
      3. need to purge scrap area, though isn't overflowing
      4. When should we plan on putting up a vote for miter saw station build?
    8. General Areas & Other Activities
      1. Worktables in progress
      2. Glasswork
        1. What needs to happen to make everyone feel comfortable and included or at least unencumbered?
        2. Key Safety items: https://www.mountainglass.com/health-and-safety
          1. Gas & flame safety
            1. Oxygen Bottle is securely chained to wall
            2. Both oxygen and fuel lines have flashback arrestors installed
            3. Torch is bolted to table, significantly reducing the fire risk when compared to a hand torch (about the same as a kitchen stove)
            4. work surface is non-flammable (thick stainless sheet, though the school I used to blow glass in had their torches mounted to hardwood tables and regularly passed fire and OSHA inspections)
            5. mass of glass worked on this torch is VERY small, will not hold enough heat to create concern with wood floor
            6. Dirty room is not suitable for this activity for several reasons
              1. propane tank needs to be within reach of the table in order to quickly shut off gas in case of accident, but there is too much risk of damage to the tank for it to be in the dirty room (physical impact risk, ark strike risk, weld splatter risk, etc.)
              2. Torch, Annealer, and Working surface/tools MUST stay clean. Grinding dust will destroy the equipment (same is true of lathes and mills, grinding dust is terrible for them).
              3. Insufficient space. with new weld tables, old weld table, and the thought of putting Jim's mill and surface grinder in there, the dirty room does not offer enough space to safely work.
            7. if it makes everyone more comfortable, I can build a 18"-24" sheet metal shield around the back and sides of the work table and get a continuous sheet to cover the table top, though I can demonstrate this will add minimal additional safety
          2. Eye Protection
            1. Soft glass work requires didymium eye protection, I have provided one pair for member use.
            2. I have also provided two pair of paper/film temporary eye protection. not good enough to sit at the torch, but ok for looking over a shoulder
            3. two members have already asked me to show them to use the torch but had trouble with prescription glasses, should probably order a pair of over-glasses goggles
            4. Borosilicate glass would require shade 3 eye protection
          3. Cuts and Burns
            1. these risks are not really any different than any other activity at Hive13. Will provide basic safety guidelines as part of certification.
          4. Fumes and Vapors
            1. Hive13's main area is large enough and has sufficient air movement due to the heater blower and a/c units to provide satisfactory diffusion ventilation for a single torch of this size so long as no one tries to metal fume pieces. The metals in the colored glass are very small quantities, so only need to be considered a risk if melting furnace loads.
            2. While the space is big enough to not need it, if it makes everyone feel more comfortable, we could easily add an exhaust out the window in front of the table (an old kitchen range hood would be ideal, ~250 CFM is enough).
  2. Purchase spreadsheet
    • Be sure to put purchases in it
    • Get approval before spending; we've gone over budget a couple of times recently
  3. Update the Wiki
    • For each tool
      • basic safety
        • Draft of basics in circulation for comment.
      • basic setup/consumable changes/blade&cutter changes
      • basic use/cuts/modes
      • known good settings (feeds, speeds, powers, materials etc.,)
    • Maintenance
      • What needs to be done every month during clean-up?
      • What needs to be done less frequently?
      • What consumables do we stock?
    • Certified users and trainers
      • This is the canonical source for now.
      • Active development on intweb for certification tracking is something similar to underway, and will hopefully be live before the end of time. We want to only put correct data in it.
      • We need to get trainers to track who's been certified.
      • We need to have the ability make sure uncertified people aren’t using the equipment.
    • Equipment location and status
  4. Ideas for Improvement
    • Incremental Improvement
      • Welcome packet - something to hand or email to new members that include the basic guidelines, door code, etc.
      • Questionnaire for visitors
      • Maybe a one pager operation instructions on some of the equipment
    • Buzzkill - Need access? See Greg afterwards.
    • Training Classes, Events, and Warden Hours
      1. I know that I said any time is fine, but consider Warden Hours on days besides Tuesdays.
        1. CNC Warden hours have been a bust. Certification is not an active pursuit by members.
      2. Any hangups?
  5. Open House