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| MeetingTime = 10:00 AM
What is Broken? What do we need to repair?
What is Broken? What do we need to repair?

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Warden Meetings
Previous Meeting: August, 2020 Meeting Procedure

Meeting Time: 10:00 AM

Next Meeting: Latest Meeting
Candidate: [[Warden Meetings/Error: Invalid time.]]

What is Broken? What do we need to repair?

vcarve license update

Shapeoko - Ralph is willing to make it a simpler to operate tool similar to the vinyl cutter.

Conclusion: Order the controller small laser. Caution is that the controller comes from China - Slowly. A post move project.

Wiibox - Up for grabs

TIG parts are in stock Jeff B to check add consumables to wiki

MIG parts replacement Will B to add to list

Dave Schwinn and Connor Albers resigned from wardens position - Remove from wardens group

Discussion of bartering for a Little Jo Die Cart - Decision: no thanks.

Discussion Topics for April Wardens Meeting.

What are the roles of the wardens? There is wide variation of how each Warden interprets the role.

Maintaining Hive? Share expertise with Members? Outreach?

Attendance requirement for wardens meeting. We are averaging 4 / meeting. We will set meetings further in advance and create calendar invites as reminders.

Set the poll for April and timing soon.

Announce need for additional wardens at meeting.