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Hive13 Project
Website 2014 Redesign
Status: Active
Start Date: 2014-07-01
End Date: ?

The slow, arduous process of redesigning the Hive13 public facing website. The design is basically a reskin of Lvl1's site, but with less blue and more yellow. Later, we will go into the Website 2014 Implementation.


Note: PDF previews of the older versions weren't created, but there isn't too much to see in them anyway. Design mostly focussed on a cohesive desktop-centric design.



  • Added a basic mobile design that maps directly to the content layout in the desktop design.
    • Design was drawn sized for a 320x480 proportioned screen, which basically no new phones have, but...
    • Design was also drawn to show all the demo filler content.
  • Added initial idea for mobile flip-out menu, but I don't like it.

PDF Preview

  1. Desktop/iPad (all content)
  2. Mobile (single screen)
  3. Mobile (all front page content)
  4. Mobile Flip-Out Menu



  • Added idea someone suggested for having a multi-project carousel under the primary splash screen. (Could be implemented later. Which probably means never, but it's an idea...)
  • Made Mobile Flip-out Menu all yellow.

PDF Preview

  1. Desktop/iPad (all content, no multi-project carousel)
  2. Desktop/iPad (all content, **with** multi-project carousel)
  3. Mobile (single screen)
  4. Mobile (all front page content)
  5. Mobile Flip-Out Menu



  • Added new desktop comp with a matrix of recent projects.
    • Includes one project thumb which shows the project title, a short blurb pulled from the wiki page, and a link to said wiki page.
    • Intent: Shown on mouse-over (desktop) or on tap (mobile) (This is the default behavior of apple browsers concerning converting roll-over behavior for mobile.)
    • Have not considered what this might look like on phone, if it's shown at all. It probably won't be.

PDF Preview

  1. Desktop/iPad (all content, big image only)
  2. Desktop/iPad (all content, project grid, no stroke on top-nav or content area)
  3. Desktop/iPad (all content, big image + project carousel)
  4. Mobile (single screen)
  5. Mobile (all front page content)
  6. Mobile Flip-Out Menu