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{{Metalworking Shop}}
#REDIRECT [[Table, Welding/Plasma Cutting, 3' x 5']]
|arrived=19 February 2014
|contact=Dirty Room Warden
|where=Welding / Metal Forming
= Overview =
3'x5' welding/plasma cutting table. It has a replaceable grating top with a basin below this to catch any plasma cutting/welding spatter.
The table was constructed for us by [https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oberaw-Industries/379435282129521 Oberaw Industries] and cost $925.
= Maintenance =
The grating on top of the table will get cut up and covered in metal pieces from welding, plasma cutting, and grinding. The original top was purchased at a local scrap yard whose website is [http://www.davidhirschbergsteel.com/ here]. It cost 35 cents/lb.
The size of the grating is x by y.

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