WellSaw 1000 - Horizontal Band Saw

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Wellsaw 1000 & little brother.jpg
Owner/Loaner: D. Velzy
Hive13 Asset Tag: HV0255
Make/Model: Wellsaw 1000 Metal Cutting Band Saw (google)
Arrival Date: 06/2021
Does it work?: Yes
Certification Needed?: No
Contact: Welding Warden
Floorplan: Welding Shop


The Wellsaw 1000 is a multiple speed belt driven metal cutting bandsaw. It can cut Rectangles 10" High x 16" wide. Rounds up to 10" dia.

  • Blade size up to 1" by 138 Inches long.

How to Use

  • Flip the hold up ratchet against the teeth.
  • Lift the saw and position the workpiece.
  • Adjust the down pressure on the blade by sliding the weight on the upper arm.
    • Optional counterweights are hung from the motor to reduce the down pressure on the blade.




  • Clean and oil everything - A work in progress
  • Found and replaced the hold up ratchet latch - It was hiding in the chips in the pan. Now need to connect the ratchet latch to the handle that releases is to lower the saw.
  • Replace the bolt on the damper mount with a shorter length.
  • Add a permanent mount point for optional counterweights to allow the down force on the blade to be manually adjusted.
  • Buy replacement saw blades
  • The oil pump was not connected to the power switch. The pump needs to be evaluated and then we will consider replacing the cutting fluid with Lenox 68061 Cutting Oil or equivalent


Ready to use.

  • Lowered electrical box and replaced broken power switch. The after market switch had been mounted so the upper arm and blade guards could smash the switch.

24 June 2021

  • Picked up from Omega Corporation Auction. Price $300.