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This is stuff we would like to have in our space. If you want to donate a tool see Donations. Monetary contributions however big or small are also very welcome! If you want to donate towards a tool/want to start a fundraiser for one please contact our COO. Note that un-reimbursed expenses spent on behalf of Hive13 and its non-profit mission should be tax-deductible. If you spend more than $250 on an item you may need a letter from the Hive (details needed)


  • Sous-Vide



  • Nice way to store components.
  • What should we keep on hand? The red vending machine needs to be stocked soon!
  • Assorted electronic components (Pots, diodes, you name it)
  • Crimp on wire connectors
  • Capacitor kit

Electronic Tools

  • Multimeters
    • Bench meters with 4 wire sensing would be nice
  • Bench power supplies
    • We have a pretty nice one on loan from Tye. Dual output 30V, not sure how much current.
    • Maybe get some of the E36XX series supplies. Really robust, can be had pretty cheap (I got a 20V, 3A, single supply one for $60 shipped), and fairly low profile.
  • Signal generator (again, digital would be awesome)
    • Dave B has an older wavetek sig gen on loan to us. Not super accurate, but it works!
  • Laser Thermometer
  • rubidium/other atomic frequency standard


  • Keithley 7510
  • Keithley 2460
  • Agilent/Keysight DSOX4024A
  • Metcal soldering station
  • Agilent/Keysight signal gen
  • Pick and place machine

Wood Working


  • Jigsaw
  • Nicer Miter saw
  • Powermatic planer
    • Model no 1791213
  • Circular saw
  • F clamps
    • Jorgensen 37xx series
  • Parallel clamps
    • jorgensen 80xx series
  • Pipe clamps
  • Wood lathe
  • Saw horses. Preferably fold-able.
  • Coping saw blades
  • Magnetic feather boards
  • Knife maker's sander
  • Board Buddies (or the like)
  • Table Saw outfeed table
  • Woodworking vice
  • Hand plane
  • Chisel sharpening tools
  • 1/8" bandsaw blade
  • GRR-Ripper push block
  • Splitter w/o blade guard


  • Air cleaners to catch all of the small dust from sanding, bandsaw, etc that goes in the air. (we have one just have to mount it) :)

Metal Working

  • Nicer metal bandsaw. Looks to be around $900. [1]
  • Bridgeport mill
  • Surface grinder

Milling Machine Tools/Fixtures

  • End mills (basic set so people can do quick stuff)
  • R8 collet tools
  • Hold down clamps (what type? Strap, etc)
  • V blocks
  • Offset boring head & boring bars
  • Cylindrical square
  • Sine bar
  • Gauge block set
  • Rotary table
  • Nice screw length drill bit set
  • Countersink bit set
  • Cover for Mill and mini lathe to keep off sawdust

Sheet Metal Tools

Welding Accessories

Misc Tools

  • Vertical cnc mill
  • Various materials
  • Loctite (both blue 242 and red 271)
  • Cutting fluid
  • Pipe Bender
  • Tubing roller
  • Maybe:
    • Pressure washer
    • Hot-wire cutter
  • Water jet cutter


  • Better ventilation for welding and sand blaster
  • Lead testing of surface dust, tapwater, and paint

Fab Lab

  • Resin 3d printer
  • Powder 3d printer
  • Dual extrusion FFF printer
  • Smoothing stuff (acetone chamber?)
    • New possibility coming out soon: PolySher from Polymaker
  • Simplify3D software
  • Large filament dehydrator
  • Filament "library" with many types for members to try out
  • hand-held 3d scanner for large objects (Cubify Sense?)

Other Work Areas


  • We have very little art stuff! Anything accepted!
  • Digital drawing pad (USB input device, vs tablet-style?)
  • 3D haptic input device (geomagic touch etc)


  • Vacuum forming table
  • 4-color Screen-printing rig
  • Lift
  • fume hood
  • autoclave
  • large digital scale (200lbs+, maybe .1lbs resolution?)
  • temperature controlled hot plate (digital or analog fine)
  • paint booth
  • Lighted box/booth for taking pics of projects (Shotbox? Limostudio? make one?)


  • We are always looking to upgrade our computers! Specs we are looking for:
    • Core 2 duo or nicer
    • 2 GB+ of DDR2 800 or nicer
  • Hard drives larger than 500 GB
  • Some server hardware, stop by a meeting or talk to us on IRC to see if we need what you have.
  • We will however take old computers and dispose of them for you. (No ancient laptops, no CRTs. Towers and servers only)
  • Leap gesture controller (very cool but not very useful)


  • Nothing


  • Several tool chests!! We are drastically in need of storage for our tools as we have outgrown our pegboards.
  • Swinging pegboard storage for workbench area


  • Decent Media PC
  • Full HD Projector
    • Chromecast/Miracast?

General Space Wants and Needs


  • Games (board or digital)


  • Posters
  • Plants would be nice to keep the air a bit cleaner and liven up the space a bit