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This page contains something to do. You can help us out by doing it and then editing this page to let us know it's been done.
Other places you can look for things to do include:

This is stuff we would like to have in our space. If you want to donate a tool see Donations. Monetary contributions however big or small are also very welcome! If you want to donate towards a tool/want to start a fundraiser for one please contact our COO.


  • Sous-Vide



  • Nice way to store components.
  • What should we keep on hand? The red vending machine needs to be stocked soon!
  • Assorted electronic components (Pots, diodes, you name it)
  • Crimp on wire connectors
  • Capacitor kit
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • SMD component book
  • breadboards
  • 22 Gauge wire
    • Radioshack has 100' spools for $8.50

Electronic Tools

  • Multimeters
    • Bench meters with 4 wire sensing would be nice
  • Bench power supplies
    • We have a pretty nice one on loan from Tye. Dual output 30V, not sure how much current.
    • Maybe get some of the E36XX series supplies. Really robust, can be had pretty cheap (I got a 20V, 3A, single supply one for $60 shipped), and fairly low profile.
  • Signal generator (again, digital would be awesome)
    • Dave B has an older wavetek sig gen on loan to us. Not super accurate, but it works!
  • Laser Thermometer

Wood Working


  • Jigsaw
  • Scroll saw
  • Nicer Miter saw
  • Powermatic planer
    • Model no 1791213
  • Circular saw
  • F clamps
    • Jorgensen 37xx series
  • Parallel clamps
    • jorgensen 80xx series
  • Pipe clamps
  • Wood lathe
  • Saw horses. Preferably fold-able.
  • Coping saw blades
  • Sandpaper


  • Ear protection (over the ear)
  • Air cleaners to catch all of the small dust from sanding, bandsaw, etc that goes in the air.

Metal Working

  • Knowledge on how to do metal working
  • Materials /always/ welcome
  • File set
  • oxy/acetylene torch
  • larger Metal lathe (possibility to do threads would be nice)
  • Anvil
  • tap and die set (this would be amazingly useful)
  • Metal furnace or forge setup
  • Greensand casting bins
  • Loctite (both blue 242 and red 271)
  • We don't have much metal working stuff down here besides large, well known items. If you have some metal working tools to donate and don't know if we already have some of the stuff here... we probably don't. If you have done metal working please suggest items we may need!
  • Pipe Bender
  • Metal Brake
  • Pneumatic tools
    • We have a cut off wheel and a cheap die grinder, plus some random attachments like a tire stem adapter and some random nozzles
  • Transfer punch set
  • Maybe:
    • Pressure washer
    • Hot-wire cutter

Milling Machine

  • End mills
  • R8 collet tools
  • Hold down clamps (what type? Strap, etc)
  • V blocks
  • Parallels set
  • Offset boring head & boring bars


  • Face shield
  • Ear protection (over the ear)

Fab Lab

  • Add things here please!

Other Work Areas


  • We have very little art stuff! Anything accepted!


  • Vacuum forming table
  • 4-color Screen-printing rig
  • Lift
  • fume hood
  • autoclave
  • large digital scale (200lbs+, maybe .1lbs resolution?)
  • temperature controlled hot plate (digital or analog fine)
  • sla or dlp 3d printer


  • We are always looking to upgrade our computers! Specs we are looking for:
    • Dual-core CPU or nicer
    • 2 GB+ of DDR2 800 or nicer
  • Hard drives larger than 500 GB
  • Some server hardware, stop by a meeting or talk to us on IRC to see if we need what you have.
  • We will however take old computers and dispose of them for you. (No ancient laptops, no CRTs. Towers and servers only)


  • Nothing


  • Several tool chests!! We are drastically in need of storage for our tools as we have outgrown our pegboards.


  • Nicer couches for the lounge
  • Decent Media PC
  • Full HD Projector
    • Chromecast/Miracast?

General Space Wants and Needs


  • Games (board or digital)


  • Posters
  • Plants would be nice to keep the air a bit cleaner and liven up the space a bit