30 gallon air compressor

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No Longer Hive13 Equipment
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Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: Craftsman 919.167312 (google)
Arrival Date: 01/2014
Does it work?: Yes
Certification Needed?: no
Contact: Area Wardens
Floorplan: 3D


Donated by James Hartley as a replacement for the other Air Compressor. 30 gallon air compressor rated for 6.4 SCFM @ 90PSI.

Sold for $125 on 11 July, 2015.

Manual can be found here: File:919167312 owners manual.pdf


Fully functional.


  • Figure out where compressed air would be most useful and run it to those locations.
    • Fab lab! (laser cutters)
    • CNC mill area
    • Electronics bench? (solder paste dispenser.. maybe)
    • Back wall of the woodworking area for nail guns (have an oil port for these)

Work Log

8 October 2014

Installed a cheap harbor freight air filter on the output. Better than nothing!

14 October 2014

Finished installing automatic drain. The manual valve in the bottom of the compressor is leaking and still needs to be replaced.

13 March 2015

After replacing all of the brass connectors and tubing the came with the harbor freight auto compressor drain and then replacing the stupid drain part (which was the only harbor freight piece left...) it is finally in working condition with an automatic drain!