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Hive13 Project
Status: Complete
Start Date: 11/14/2018

This project set out to solve a problem. How do you transport 'heavy' (500-1000 lbs) machinery across town or between cities? The machine(s) are on wheeled dollies that will roll on level concrete. You have a pick-up truck. You are working alone. How do you get the machine into the pick-up truck? A ramp up the tailgate might work, but that is rather difficult, dangerous, and hard to do by yourself.

The answer we came up with starts with building this simple A-Frame structure from stick wood. A come-along is rigged to the center of the top beam. The machine is rolled into place under the come-along and then hoisted up off the dollie and straight up into the air. Once the machine is hanging at the proper height, the pick-up truck is then backed into the A-Frame underneath the machine and the machine is jacked straight down into the truck bed.

The A-Frame parts unbolt into two side frames and some stick wood to ride in the bed with the machine to the next site to repeat the process at unloading.