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The Name Game is just a way for the AI to break apart words. It selects some piece of data. Say a line from a log file and the grabs some words and asks the user about that word. It then records the results of the answers with other meta data about the word to it's database for later use.

Example of Play

The AI takes a line from the logging DB.

Jun 16 09:59:29 server rpc.statd[8466]: Caught signal 15, un-registering and exiting.

Here it will show the user a word or a small cluster of words. Normally it would do this from many different lines but for the sake of this example we will use only this one sentence. It simply asks the user:

> What is this?

"09:59:29 server"

And provides some options as well as a fill in the blank. Some options are always present while others are selected as most popular for this selection (or best guess).

Example Options:

  * Nonsense
  * Irrelevant
  * Number
  * Name
  * Date
  * Error
  * Action
  * Other: ________________

Once the user has selected some answer for that cluster the AI records info about that selection.

Meta data recorded:

  • Exact Phrase
  • Link to original Line
  • Position in Line
  • Characters in Phrase
  • Word before and After Phrase
  • Players Name
  • Vote count

Possible Goals

The results of this game could give some general meaning to strings in certain contexts. It maybe able to learn what a date looks like in a log. Or server/usernames. Or pick out actions. It can also use the Players Name/Vote to determine how *that* person feels about phrases as well as the collective. This will allow the AI to better gauge and respond/understand when dealing with a certain player.

It should then be able to apply it's data learned to provide "best guesses" in the future for how to interpret data and can be used with other games/goals to produce more meaningful results.