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Hive13 Project
Old Air Compressor
Status: Inactive
Start Date: 2/1/2012

No Longer Hive13 Equipment
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Owner/Loaner: User:Paul
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: Craftsman 919177541 (google)
Arrival Date: 01/2012
Does it work?: No
Certification Needed?: no
Contact: User:Paul
Floorplan: 3D



8/10/2021 - A very belated update to this. I took the air compressor home in late 2015 and frankensteined it onto the spare tank I had. In 2017 I upgraded to a much larger 80 gallon air compressor, and this air compressor was given away.

As of 1/24/2014 the air tank has a hole rusted through it. Paul has a spare tank, however the tank is ~1.5 hours away from Cincinnati. Heckle him if you want it replaced.

We should also REALLY look into an automatic &| easy way to drain the tank of moisture.


We have an air compressor in the dirty room (3D) and it is hooked up to a 50' retractable air hose reel. We also have a 50' extension hose so you can reach any location in the hackerspace.

The air compressor is a Craftsman 919177541 with a 4 HP motor and a 20 gallon tank.

Project Manager


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What needs to be done

This is an overview list of high level steps that need to be done in order to complete this project.

  • Air tank has a hole rusted in it. Needs replacement.
  • We want to run an air drop to the Fab Lab.
    • Air regulator & moisture trap required.
  • Need moisture traps @ the air compressor.
  • Some sort of hose system for draining the air compressor in a more controlled manner. I have always just turned off the compressor then opened the drain valve. This gets water everywhere.

What has been done

  • Run 220 to 3D
  • Mounted 50' retractable air reel
  • Purchased 50' hose extension
  • Two leaks were discovered and fixed:
    • Leak #1 was in the air pressure off switch, and required an $84 replacement part, Ed & Paul covered the cost.
    • Leak #2 was in the emergency air release valve, Paul purchased the replacement part off Amazon.
    • As of this moment, it is air tight and can be left on without slowly leaking.



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