April 1, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Space Stuff/COO
    • lathe
    • spotting laser
  • science night/outreach
  • Hive13 propaganda

New Business

  • 2nd tuesday talks: Robert inhuman next week, ham radio in May
  • Maker faire update from Jim
  • Game day this saturday!


  • Mike--worked on piece for red spotting laser of laser cutter
  • Jordan--flex sensor
  • Jason--working on game day
  • Joseph-m-updated images in doc
  • Franklin
  • Jon-lathe
  • Chris-took pictures for brochure
  • Brandon--accepted a job offer from ian
  • Dave
  • Ian--here on time
  • Hutch--m--power for cindi lou
  • Jim-treasurer--making progress on cinci lou
  • Jim 2.0--nunchuck frustration
  • Ryan--hung temp security camera.
  • Dave--hacked at a conference
  • Reuben--visitor postdoc at EPA--thinking about open-source automated rain barrel
    • this would be drain and refill with input from national weather service
    • looking for volunteers at hive to make it a reality!
  • Ryan--stm32 discovery kit
  • Nancy
  • Coy
  • Dave B (late arrival, with kids)


  • Jon--we have a lathe--atlas lathe sold by sears
    • probably 30 or 40 yrs old
    • couple of tweaks needed, and tools need to be bought
    • big thing--buy new tool posts...about $150.
    • bought a drill chuck.
    • jon--will probably try to do a small class after tuning it up.
      • ian will take videos.
    • for people like Jim D who know somthing about lathes--talk to Jon so we can decide what we need to buy
  • Other space/COO stuff
    • 1 week warning on clearing off the book shelves.
    • Book shelves are being moved to AV room
    • shelves in front of fab lab will get cleared
      • move you stuff, or have it moved for you
      • talk to jon to find a good place to put it
    • if someone lost a label maker, talk to hodapppp
  • ryan--we could use some big plastic/cardboard storage boxes
    • for storing people's stuff on the pallet racks
    • narrow, short, and long would be good
    • anyone have some to donate?
  • Science night/outreach
    • Mike--boone county library day June 14
      • talk to mike to help
    • Ian- waiting to hear back about CPS science night
      • we were only asked to go to 1 school--clarification wanted on this.
  • Hive13 propoganda.
    • estimate for 1000 paamplets: $288.
      • this is from the business next door.
      • can also do business cards. "eye-catching!"
    • would like somebody to review for typos.
    • would also like to be getting a marketing video.
      • talk to shadoxx to help.
  • Jason--tabletop day--reminder--this saturday!
    • officially starting at 2:30.
    • official end at 8, could go later
    • check mailing list for posted board games people are bringing
    • this will likely be Jason's last game day to host--let's make it a good one!
  • Jim: 2nd tuesday talks
    • next week robert inhuman, DIY lifestyle talk
    • ham radio in may (13th)
  • Jim--maker faire update
    • will be at union terminal museum center
    • 2 day event
    • both indoor and outdoor
    • Detroit maker faire wants us to bring power tool drag racing
      • last wkend in july
    • wedding saturday evening of cinci maker faire--so we will need to move everything out of rotunda.